2 risposte a “Riflessioni psicologiche sulla paura e l’ansia da coronavirus

  1. So Mario, comp estaed in Italy. con virus Aqui ok. Also want to know what’s but opinion in Body Experiment and mind control which started long time ago.? All over the nation’s Ciao

    Melly Schwenn

    "Mi piace"

    • Thanks for your comment. It is a complex question, concerning the modality of power management that Foucault indicated with the concepts of governmentality and biopolitics, which call into question the issues of hegenomy and counter-hegemony. The latter can be produced starting from the development of an active, global citizenship, similarly to the nature of the processes of manifestation of power. In this regard, you can read this report of a research I conducted about the ways in which Davos’ elites conceive the idea of ​​globalization: https://www.tni.org/en/article/davos-discourse-drives-cultural-hegemony

      "Mi piace"


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